Suspended Glazing

The particular engineering difficulties related to suspended glazing require in-depth knowledge and specialization in a wide variety of construction matters.

The true winning edge of Serex in this sector is its ability to go beyond the standard solutions and "enter" the problem.
An edge that enables Serex to solve any problem related to building a double-skin fašade by producing ad-hoc glass panes studied and designed to answer any building need..

  » Production of glass panes for suspended glazing guaranteed by the strictest safety and quality assurance standards;
  » Technical support for building suspended glazing.

Tempering and serigraphy
Serex applies the strictest European standards on safety and quality when building tempered and serigraphy double-skin fašades.
The application field is vast. In particular, the refined serigraphy techniques, in their many varieties, add value to this type of product.

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