Interior design and decorating

Serex provides an answer to the many needs of using glass for interior design. Based on its specialization and its engineering skills, Serex makes specific types of glass suitable for alternative uses that are too often left out by standard solutions. For this, the demand for its particular know-how is always on the rise above-all in architecture for projects that require a certain degree of creativity.

Glass elements for:
  » shelves
  » cabinets
  » cabinet doors
  » furniture
  » silver-coated safety mirrors
  » walls
  » doors
  » panelling
  » other special applications.

Tempering and serigraphy
Serex glass for interior design completes its exclusiveness with its refined serigraphy techniques that enrich the quality and beauty of the product. The extraordinary range of decorations that can be placed on the glass is a special match for the infinite possibilities of the product itself. The tempering technique used by Serex, strictly following applicable safety standards, adds another fundamental strong point.

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