Insulation glass

Its in-depth knowledge of all possible solutions for double glazing and its constant watch for innovations from the glass market through close partnerships with premier glass-production companies enable Serex to provide the best solution for any need concerning heat and sound insulation as well as solar protection.

Heat insulation
Serex is the forerunner in providing solutions for heat insulation using glass.
The performance of heat insulation by double glazing is boosted with special inert gas installed in the sealed space or using special coated panes that do not affect the passage of light. Or a special warm-edge spacer that creates an additional barrier to prevent any heat loss towards the outside.

Serex produces insulation panes that guarantee all levels of soundproofing to solve the problem of sound insulation for buildings and to meet every specific need. With Serex insulated panes it is possible to solve the problem of outside noise with complete efficiency thereby eliminating any disturbance it may cause.

Solar protection
Serex insulation panes offer the best solution to prevent overheating inside by reduced glare and guaranteeing at the same time a significant savings on the use of air-conditioning units. High screening levels are obtained by using special coated glass or by installing special blinds or curtains made of filtering or darkening fabrics.

Skill and in-depth knowledge of glass products together with constant interaction with the main worldwide producers of glass allow Serex to produce a wide range of special insulation panes with excellent performance levels making them break-proof, vandalism resistant, bullet-proof, intruder-proof and in compliance with applicable laws in place on protection of things and persons.

Structural glass
Serex is the ideal partner for building structural sealant glazing fašades. Serex is specialised in the production of insulation glass and spandrel glass panels for structural sealant glazing fašades and is skilled at carrying out glass-frame structural sealant glazing. Thanks to its experience and skill, Serex can create practically any technical and aesthetic solution to meet advanced architectural needs.

Tempering and serigraphy
Serex uses the most innovative and sophisticated systems for glass thermal tempering and operates, also in this sector, strictly following international quality and safety standards.The refined serigraphy techniques implemented by the company add significant value to the product. Serex is able to apply serigraphy motifs to any flat glass and so meet any customer needs.

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