Serex boasts excellent problem-solving skills which guarantee a complete and targeted answer to any possible need, standard and safety measure when it comes to glass and its applications. These skills are backed by a vast information network and close partnerships with worldwide leaders in glass production.

Over the years, constant development of state-of-the-art processing techniques has provided Serex with the highest evolution and level of quality in its portfolio of glass products for public and private construction, double glazing insulation glass, structural insulation glass together with glass-frame structural sealant glazing and glass for suspending glazing. But thatís not all. Serex is also specialised in the production of glass for any use in decorating, interior design and special processing. Moreover, thanks to its excellent reputation and development over the years, Serex also operates in the commercial vehicles market, more specifically rail and naval.

Serex uses the most innovative and sophisticated systems for glass thermal tempering and operates, also in this sector, strictly following international quality and safety standards. Serex provides an answer to the widest variety of aesthetic needs with its refined serigraphy techniques thanks to its modern serigraphy system.